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13 Money Tips from My 13 Year Old

My daughter just turned 13! Check out these 13 money tips that she wrote for all of you! Number 7 will have you rolling on the floor laughing!
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So, for those of you that have been following my story for a bit, you probably know this already, but I had my first child when I was a 17 year old teenager, getting ready to graduate high school.  Most seniors were preparing to go off to college, and me…

I was changing diapers and working full time after school to support my young family.

Earlier this month, that little gem turned 13 years old and I am extremely proud of the young woman she is becoming!  I openly talk to her about money and have instilled the importance of making good financial decisions with her and all of my other children too, so when she turned 13, I asked her if she wanted to write a post for my blog.  She, of course, said she would love to.

I gave her one piece of direction and let her run with it.

That one piece of direction… Give me 13 money tips from a 13 year old.

Here is what she gave me!  Enjoy!  My personal favorite is number 7!  Haha!

My daughter just turned 13! Check out these 13 money tips that she wrote for all of you! Number 7 will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

Money Tips from My 13 Year Old

1. Save Money

When you get money, don’t go right to the store and spend it all right away.  Before you go, say “I’m only going to spend 5 dollars.”  That way you won’t spend it all.

2. Make A Budget

Think about what you absolutely need.  How much money does it cost?  Then say, “Ok, I only need to spend $25 this week.”  Don’t spend more than that.

3. Be Careful What You Buy

Make sure you want something before you buy it.  Don’t buy something that’s going to break 3 days later.

4. Look for Deals

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, make sure you check the price of every brand of toilet paper before you buy it.  That way, you can get the cheapest one.

5. Think About What You Need

Before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need it.  If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

6. Spoil Yourself Sometimes

Every once in a while, you can buy yourself a little treat.  Don’t make it a habit though, or you’ll run out of money.

7. Tell Them No

Sometimes if your kids ask you for stuff, you can tell them no.  They don’t need to be spoiled!

8. Don’t Waste Your Money

If you know something isn’t in your budget, don’t get it!

9. Sell Stuff

If you’re low on money, try selling stuff that you don’t need.  You can get extra money that way.

10. Presents

When you buy gifts for people, say “I’m only going to spend 10 dollars on each gift.”  You can make a few tweaks, but try not to spend too much more.

11. Wants

Usually, you should avoid the things you want.  If you have extra money in, you might be able to get something that you want.

12. Furniture

Furniture is really expensive, so make sure you save up some money if you want to buy some.

13. Clothes

Before you buy a really cool shirt, think about if you need it.  Chances are, you probably don’t.

Final Thoughts

Like I said above, I really like number 7!  I probably tell them no a lot!  Haha!

Although short and to the point, Nicole brings up a lot of wonderful points that us adults shouldn’t ignore.

Take her advice, heed her money tips, and start building a financial future for yourself.

And don’t forget to tell your kids no so they don’t become spoiled!

What was your favorite money tip?

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